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Posted 26 Feb 2019

The 14th Cavalry Association

1901 -- 1972
2000 -- Present

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WELCOME! This web site is produced by the 14th Cavalry Association. Among its objectives is to reflect the history of a proud Regiment and to promote communication among those of us who have been privileged to serve in its organic and attached units. Click on Purpose & Objectives at left for more detailed purpose and objectives of the Association.  Since 1901, troopers of the 14th Cavalry have fought in Asia, Europe and on the southern border of our homeland. During the Cold War the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment stood guard for 23 years at the most critical sector of the Iron Curtain. Beginning in September 2000, 14th Cavalry squadrons returned to active service. From a high of four squadrons, the two remaining squadrons are home-garrisoned at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (formerly Fort Lewis), Washington and Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

The 1st Squadron deployed to Northern Iraq in 2003. The mission was assumed by the 2nd Squadron in October 2004 and, in turn, by the 4th Squadron in September 2005. The 1st Squadron returned to Iraq in August 2006 and the 4th Squadron's tour was extended. Our 2nd Squadron was reflagged as a squadron of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in June 2006. Upon finally returning from Iraq our 4th Squadron was reflagged as 5th Squadron 1st Cavalry. The 1st Squadron returned from their second tour to Fort Lewis in September 2007. Our newest addition, the 5th Squadron was activated at Schofield Barracks, HI on 13 October 2005 and was redesignated as our 2nd Squadron in December 2006. The 2nd Squadron returned from Iraq by April 2009 and redeployed for its second Iraqi tour in August 2010, returning in the summer of 2011. Our regiment's latest deployment was that of our 1st Squadron to Afghanistan in December 2011, and returned in 2012.

We honor the troopers who served with the:

  • 14th Cavalry Regiment (Horse) in the period 1901 to 1943 with campaigns in the Philippines and on the Mexican Border.
  • 14th Cavalry Group in Europe (France, Belgium and Germany) during World War II.
  • 14th Constabulary Regiment in the occupation of Germany following WW II.
  • 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment at the Fulda Gap in Germany during the first 23 years of the Cold War.
  • 14th Cavalry Squadrons 2000 - Present. Served in combat as part of Stryker Brigade Combat Teams in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Our 2nd Squadron is no longer Stryker equipped.

You are invited to begin exploring this website by clicking on the introduction menu item above to read of the actions that were taken in 2001 to form the 14th Cavalry Association..Be sure and visit the sections devoted to each formation of the Regiment, beginning with the 14th Cavalry squadrons now in service and concluding with the Regiment of Horse that was formed in 1901.  The section for the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment includes its bulletin board, history and an annex dedicated to each of its squadrons.  Return to these pages from time to time to keep up to date with additions and changes made to improve your regiment's website and, especially, to Remember and Honor our fallen troopers. Link



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